About Grant

Grant is a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and business leader. He’s an aficionado of the Oxford comma. Guided by a simple philosophy to do great work and be good to people, he views the world as a place of abundance and opportunity. Never short on vision, Grant has a proven record of transforming that vision into tangible innovation.

His current excitements include: mobile payments, habit forming product triggers, digital advertising, community building, digital ecosystem growth, network effects & K factor, marketing automation, how ideas spread, product development through scaling phases of business.

Send him a message today to chat about any of these, consulting gigs, or to reconnect, it’s been too long! –

Prior to VP Emerging Products at Bambora (Beanstream), Grant managed global online and marketing operations for Western Union Business Solutions and most recently consulted with companies primarily around mobile advertising and mobile financial technology in Silicon Valley. Grant is co-founder of an award-winning sports betting software company, Bet Smart Media, Inc.